I tell stories. I was lucky enough to pick up a camera a few years back. Since then, I have spent endless hours exploring the streets of Baltimore. My favorite subject is not the metropolis, but those who create and sustain them. Most of my work involves human subjects, although I do enjoy the occasional purely aesthetic indulgence.

My work has a deep focus on oppression, social problems and morality. In my work, I hope to show the complexities of the human condition. Such complexities are not best explained vis-à-vis modern cultural discourses. Popular modern western discourse values aesthetic over almost everything. My goal is to take the aesthetic of our age and wield it to words in order to expand people’s consciousness.

I hope my work allows people to open a dialogue into the modern roots of poverty, morality, justice, oppression, violence and other topics I cover. The work I do explores how those concepts have been used and abused in the world today. I make my best effort to humanize the people I interact within a medium that depersonalizes and allows for the subjection of violence. Turning people and ideas from the abstract into the realm of understanding; therefore, I hope such abstractions become worth ones time.

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